Fortune Cookie in Love (English version)

Even though I know I am so in love with you
I'm not really sure that you feel the same way too
Ready for that moment, when my hearts broken again..
Yeah yeah Yeah

Then i look around me and all that i can see
So many other girls and they're prettier than me
Ordinary flowers never get their time in the sun..
Yeah yeah yeah

* Cafetaria airs the sound of music, listening interrupts my daydream
Then i find myself caught inside the rhythm flow
And now my body moves starting with my toes
There is no escaping, whatever i feeling
Come on come on come on come on Baby, come and tell my future

Reff 1
My love's in a Fortune Cookie
And the future won't be as bad as what i seems
Hey Hey Hey..
Don't you know your luck will change
When you've got a big smile on your face
In my hearts a Fortune Cookie
Look at my fate, make it so much better than today
Hey hey hey..hey hey hey...
Never let life get you down and don't let it defeat you
Miracles can happen that will totally surprise you
Something tells me someday there'll be love and it will just be you and me..

I would like to tell you just what you mean to me
But i can't forget all my anxiety
Because i've imagined every word that you will say
yeah yeah yeah..

* And they always say good girls are what they like
Athough the boys say those girls are their type
The beautiful ones have the advantage
All of the pretty girls always get ahead
They do not feel it's hard to become popular
Please please please oh Baby, Won't you please notice me?

Reff 2
My love's in a Fortune Cookie
In a hard shell, crack it open! see what it will tell
Hey hey hey...What comes next? How will it go?
I don't even think that God will know
Teardrops falling, Fortune Cookie
Don't be so sad, do not beat yourself when things are bad
hey hey hey...hey hey hey...
There is so much love in the world if you look around you
Time to forget all about the sadness and the sorrow
The future is open and another wind will blow soon, tomorrow

Come on come on come on come on Baby, come and tell my future

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