Halloween Night (English Version)

When I open the store it will like a time machine
When my chest gonna take me to the discotic
In this ..., I'm searching for where you will be
Of this monster in love, ... dancing 'till morning time
Mirror ball keep spining of a the dance floor
And this parade custom is ready to trick or treat
But I'm run in on my own
I am lost in my confusion
Listen to the ...
Let it be down and how it should go
Halloween night, midnight boogie night
See the check or ... smile at you
Come on dance and clap your hands
And then shake your hands
You don't need to think to much on midnight this
Halloween night, now it's time to dance
You don't need to say another word
Let it go and least control
Just forget the world
Halloween night (night)
Now this is the right time to make my own fantastic world
I'll fulfill all of my wild... in one night of magic
Does you ever lost find out?
Do you weard when you were just a child?
Now you ... once more, be your instinct and let it go
Halloween night, trick time fall in love
Before ... another song
Why don't we go down and dance?
Once more on the floor
If you want to meet someone, you have to stand up
Halloween night, come on down and dance
Lets go surfing in this dancing ...
There's not much for you to know
Just go it the floor
Special night (night)
Are you ready? (halloween night)
Ready? (halloween night)
Ready? (halloween night)
Happy! Happy! Happy!
Halloween night


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