Kaze Wa Fuiteiru (The Wind is Blowing - English version)

Right here on this empty big world
I see that everything has changed
I’m unable to find the right words
I can only stand in silence

How do I begin again
From where should I start things over
In spite of my desperation I am looking for light

Oh, if out there somewhere there really is God
Once more do I plead
To discover a whole new world
And bring it to life on the face of this earth

But onward into the future
Is where the wind keeps on blowing
I feel the breeze on my cheek and it reminds me of life
In spite of everything I will
Keep living will all of my might
Yeah this is how you rebuild by starting from just a single brick
So when do we begin?

The wounds of painful memories
Will turn into scar tissue
But from the depths of your hurt
Soon something good will surely give birth

So who should now be the one
That will get to have my first hug
In the middle of our warmness we will talk about dreams

Yes.. Those are tears that have shed and they will flow
I want you to, let me help bear some of your load
I will not stand back and leave you on your own

Even though love will always go
Onward and into the future
All people that live on earth will put their hope on someone
Despite it all I continue
Then I take my first step forward
And I pick up all the pieces of hope that was long forgotten
So when do we begin?

But onward into the future
Is where the wind keeps on blowing
Even if you close your eyes you’re still able to feel it

Onward and into the future
Is where the wind keeps on blowing
Even if you lose everything and what remains is confusion
You can be certain that I will
Always be right here beside you
To get rid of all the debris that’s blocking our road together
And live in this moment

Even though the wind goes and no longer wants to blow
There won’t be anywhere in which the wind will not be there
In any time at all just like how your breathing never ends
Even if today feel like it’s the hardest day you’ve had in your life
We still can do something
So when do we begin?


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