Manatsu no Sounds Good! (Summer Love Sounds Good! - English version)

Dressed up for a swim
Suddenly you took off your shirt
Asked me for sunblock and rub it to your back, lying on the sand
Those bold words you said, felt like an aromatic scent
They're bringing back to me all my sweet memories

The sky and blue sea, don't know where they end or begin
You could say the same of this relationship we're in
Even though the horizon and the sea become as one
I'm still like you said before
"You are nothing more than a spoilt little kid sister"

Reff 1

Summer Love, Sounds Good!
Whisper it into my ear
I want you to come on over
Take me to the next year of my curriculum in love
Tidal Wave, Sounds Good!
My heart beats with a massive roar
Now i want so much more
Let's go deeper than what we did before

You lay on the sand, bathing on sun rays for your tan
I left you there alone and went out on my own to swim in the sea
Just before i go suddenly you are kissing me..
The next thing i know, my mouth is salty...

Instantly i know that somehow my world has now changed
Things are different now not even the air feels the same
Now the sky and the sea at last they come together
Took a while but finally both of them can see
They are as blue as each other

Reff 2

Hey coastline, Good Job!
You are the boy that i like
What i felt always made me cry so i kept it inside
Because you were too close to me
Hey fortune, Good Job!
Now i can tell you everything
Spread your arms out like wings
This is the season for falling in love

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Summer Love, Sounds Good!
You know it's you i like
Tidal Wave, Sounds Good!
I said what's on my mind
Hey coastline, Good Job!
You know it's you i like
Hey fortune, Good Job!
This is the perfect time...

Summer Love, Sounds Good!


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