Pareo wa Emerald (Pareo is your Emerald - English version)

It feels just like the discovery
Of the rarest fish beyond the very bottom of the deepest sea
A hidden corner inside my heart
And for the first time... finally i can feel it inside me

And the blazing sun teaches what i need to know
Everything about that season when the passions grow

Reff 1:
Pareo is your own emerald
It's the summer tied to your waist
Its shines with all the colours of the ocean

Pareo is your own emerald
Flowing free in the ocean breeze
This girls has now blossimed into a woman

Compared to yesterday
There's something that has now changed
And now have fallen
So verry deeply in love with you

Those islands that are scattered on the sea
They are still full of evolution undetected by anyone
Through the window of heart back then
I could only see a little girl that has now opened up

Romance always comes and arrives so suddenly
When the light of love shines down on me and i realise

Reff 2:
Emerald that took my breath away
It made me look to the other way
It is the sight of undiscovered beauty

Emerald that look my breath away
It was the time of innocence
The girl who could only speak with just smile

And your eyes
Your dark eyes
What is it they're looking at?
This is me.. I am here..
There is nowhere else i'd rather be

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All around
In this world
You are the
Most beautifull
And now i have fallen so verry deeply in love with you


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