So Long (English Version)

So long! Don't forget to smile
So long! See you in a while

I can see growing on the trees hard buds that are in bloom
Although sakura season almost never comes so soon
Sometime comes and then there it goes based on the calendar
Flowers grow along the road to where all our hopes will go

Knowing nothing when we talked about our dreams
Coufusion because of love and we also shared our tears

Reff 01:
And our memoris will keep us company
Embrace tomorrow because it will make us stronger
Though sometimes you will find
Huge weights on your shoulders
You are not alone you will get up and over

Remember that field and how we used to run on it
Don't ever forget the sweats that gave you the spirit
My friend...

Hugging as we say goodbye feelings cant't be kept at bay
Although we had made a pact we would not cry today
Our fingers become handkerchiefs wiping dry each other's eyes
But the more we try to laugh the more it makes us to cry

The dusk feels like it is chrasing after us
The final bell ring is the sound of our footsteps to the future

Reff 02:
And new memories to be realized
On the big blue sea that's spread in front of our eyes
All of the sadness all of the pleasure
And of it will become a very special treasure
Even though we now follow our roads in different ways
I will always feel you are there with me everyday
Best friend...

Hey... please tell me why
Those sakura trees always make me want to cry
Constantly blossoming constantly wilting
Like an hourglass filled with flowers instead of sand

La... La... La...

La... La... La...

*back to Reff 01

So long!

La... La... La...

And when the time comes for me to have my wedding day
I promise I'll have an invitation come your way
My friend


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